It is indeed a great honor to serve as the Founder-President of the ‘Academy of Roga Nidan’. The ARN was conceived by the noble minds of Late Prof. MS Baghel, Prof. GP Upadhyay, Prof. SK Khandel, Prof. PS Shrivastav, and other like-minded stalwarts. It took around half a decade of painstaking and dedicated labour of love by the likes of Dr. Atul Varshney, Dr. Ashish Gotmare,  Dr. Arun Dudhamal, and their young and dynamic team to forge together this Academy in the vision of our mentors.  With more than 250 members across India, we are a robust and vibrant organization focused on being the go-to’ professional resource. The extremely talented Executive committee makes this possible.

I think that the ARN has never been more relevant and important for those of us practicing ‘Roga Nidan’– whether profoundly clinical or exclusively Laboratory oriented…The changes around us—whether social, political, technological, scientific, economic or otherwise—require that we help each other navigate through new and increasingly complex landscapes, which overwhelmingly impact our profession. In many instances such as creating a new ‘syllabus’, we are responsible to help shape those new landscapes.  The competent ARN network will surely overcome these challenges.

We hope to provide our members with opportunities on a broad array of aspects covering the entire spectrum of the subject Roga Nidan –Samhitas to Syllabus; Clinic to Laboratory; Bedside to Bench. These programs are being shaped by our dynamic executive committee members. I am very impressed with the quality and diversity of the ideas and programming. With our increased focus on interactivity, we provide you with more opportunities to learn and achieve by doing – and from each other.

In everything we do, we build in the opportunity for you to get to know your colleagues – whether during lunch at an ROTP, sharing ideas in an interactive CME program, meeting each other over a micro-networking lunch, doing good through community service, or attending the Annual Adhiveshan and other social events. Having a strong professional network that you can call on with a difficult question helps you in getting answers.

In the year ahead, we propose to carry out initiatives providing more opportunities for meaningful engagement of our members, introducing innovative programming formats and topics, and providing professional development and outreach opportunities.

All of the Academy’s work is focused on enriching your experience as members, so we are always open to feedback on our current activities and how we can better serve you. Feel free to reach out to me or any of our Executive Committee members if you have ideas or would like to get involved.